Project Details


CSIR – Architectural Design

By using a modular system we have created a flexible layout which can be adjusted to the client’s needs. The services have been designed to accommodate maximum flexibility while being in a fixed position. We have created visual links between the 4 floors by opening up the floor in three areas; which open up to the roof by creating “towers” which bring in natural light into the core of the building. The bridge between the existing and new building are used as a social gathering area and functions as a circulation route between the 3 new floors and the existing.

The office plans design includes overhangs on the northern façade as well as sunscreens on the northern and western facades to minimize direct sunlight. This will minimise direct sunlight into the building but also allows natural sunlight to reach the back existing building. The meeting rooms have been situated in the south western corner of the building, on each floor, to allow for the air conditioning requirements to be centralized. The meeting rooms now also have the option to be opened to a balcony on each floor and they have a view over Menlyn, Pretoria.

In the office plans design we have also allowed for the laboratories to be situated in the same position on each floor to optimize the ventilation and air conditioning requirements. Each office has its own window and access to a balcony which creates a pleasant work environment. The dimensions of the offices allow for maximum natural light and ventilation where required. The graffiti wall was incorporated in the design to enhance the office productivity and uplift social interaction between colleagues.

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