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DARRENWOOD - Retail Design Johannesburg 

The Fury Group Darrenwood, Johannesburg, requested Archiway to design a used car sales area and upgrade their existing facility to the new Corporate Identity for the Toyota brand at their Darrenwood dealership.  Retail design...

 Archiway Architects, based in Pretoria has done architectural design of modern house plans, businesses, and commercial / retail projects in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. With many years experience and professionalism, the company has extensive knowledge in architectural design, as well as using the 3D imagery to create designs in urban landscapes, buildings, homes and corporate spaces.

Are you building a new home or planning to make additions to your home? Do you need to increase the size of your warehouse or need to do an overhaul on a warehouse. Architecutral drawings are essential for new buildings, homes and commercial or industrial properties. Archiway Architects is an experienced architectural firm with experience in creating architectural drawings for private modern house plans, commercial and retail building plans, retirement centres and educational building plans.

Do you need help with building plans and submission to the council? Submissions of building plans to the council might seem to be a daunting and impossible task with red tape everywhere. Having the correct documentation for the submissions of building plans is crucial as well as having the experience of knowig who to submit the plans to. Architectural plans have specific items that need to be covered before a successful submission to the council which fall within the legal guidelines. Save time and money by having your building plans professionally drawn and submitted for you. Archiway covers this as part of their archtiectural drawings package.

Contact Archiway regarding a free quote on architectural drawings for you building project.

Archiway Architects with offices in Pretoria have experience in designing and creating building plans regarding the exterior and interior for:

  • Residential Houses
  • Modern house plans
  • Car dealerships
  • Conference centres
  • Retirement centres
  • Industrial warehouses and offices
  • Designing interior
  • We work closely with our clients to create an architectural design that suits you and your needs


Modern residential architecture


Classic American Modern Style house with its voluminous open truss  ceilings, solid oak flooring and moulded architraves. Light and space flow organi...

Home Architects

HOUSE SHINGA Modern House Plan Design

This modern house plan creates a unique environment that reconciles abstract architectural ideas with  the need for ordinary, everyday living. An impressive port...



This building expresses the pride and power of the Nigerian Airforce and at the same time displays their presence. The design was to be compact and ha...

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