Green building design

Green building design is a key to making a difference to the environment. 

Green building design is the process in designing a building that doesn’t negatively impact the environment. The main goals of green building is to sustain the environment and to prevent disrupting the natural habitats around it. 

The conversation surrounding global warming and the need for conservation is as hot as ever, and South Africa is beginning to shift its focus to fitting into the current worldwide trend of eco- architecture (aka - green building design). Green architects in South Africa are leading the revolution that will see many more green building design projects being undertaken by the construction industry in the future. 

Benefits of green building design:
• energy efficient
• resource efficient
• environmentally responsible

Due to Archiway Design Pretoria 's extensive knowledge of green building design and our involvement with the green building council since 2007, Archiway Architects Pretoria  offers an additional service to any client to incorporate green design principles from an early design stage ensuring the best solutions depending on how “green” the client wishes the building to be. Archiway Architects is able to assist in obtaining an actual green start rating should this be required.  

We will oversee your project in the following ways:
Client Green Building Design Brief: create a vision for a new green building project

Early evaluation of project‐specific green design strategy feasibilities and benchmarking for sustainable design operations

Guidance to the overall process and coordination of the team, consultants and client expectations for green building design projects.

Advise, coordination, providence, submitting and track of all the necessary documentation for accreditation - we are no strangers to the accreditation process.

Our many leafed strategy produces buildings that are smart, healthy, and sustain all of their own needs on site, they are beautiful buildings that increase biodiversity, and sustain a living relationship with the environment around them.

Green building design is no longer a buzzword but an essential part of every architect’s checklist